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The right place to make music in Connecticut

Safe, comfortable, and secure music rehearsal studios. Accessible 24/7.

Why choose Studios at 55?

Safe & Comfortable.

A home base for your band. Sound Control. Power. Fresh Air. Modern Rest Rooms.

True Community.

A community of true musicians. A great place to hang out.

Central Location.

A convenient location in central Connecticut. A secure building to hold your precious gear.

The Right Price.

Multiple rooms of varying sizes available. Find your new home today.

Safe studios, Safe Building

Because every studio has steel doors with steel jambs and heavy duty deadbolts, your equipment is always safe here. Once, to prove the point, we had two gentlemen try to break into a studio. One was 6'10" tall and 410 pounds. His little brother was 6'8" tall and 365 pounds. One pounded with his shoulder while the other tried kicking the door. Then they switched. One tried leaning against the wall on the other side of the hall and jump-kicking the door while the other bull rushed it. They kept trying for about 10 minutes, they conceded. Point proven. To this day, if you walk down the hall, you cannot tell which door they assaulted because the doors and jambs are so strong they were not damaged.

Your studio’s lock has a Best removable core. When you move in, your studio will get a new Best lock core and you will receive freshly cut keys. This means no prior tenants will ever have an old key that works your studio. You will have the only keys that operate the lock on your studio.

The front door has an electronic lock and you will obtain a six-digit code to get you in. This makes it easier on you because you don’t have to carry extra keys around; and makes the building safer because generations of keys are not floating around out there—only current tenants have active front door codes.

When you move into The Studios at 55, you’ll be confident your gear is safe. New front door code. New studios keys. Steel doors. Safe.

Comfort and Quality

Your studio will have modern wall construction, lighting, carpeting, self-controlled heat, and is constantly fed with fresh air. We keep the whole area at no higher than 40% humidity.

Each studio has 2 or 3 true 20-AMP electrical circuits to feed your power needs. All the power in the building was installed from scratch in 2008 to modern building codes (starting with 800 AMPs underneath the road), guaranteeing you never have problems with poor or flaky power and never worry that it isn’t safe.

The building has four modern rest rooms that are cleaned and serviced regularly.

And, of course, the building, and your studio, is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, with no one to complain about your volume. Come in any time and turn it up. Play what you want. It’s your studio!


There comes a time when every band must venture out of the cramped, crowded, dusty basement and into a proper rehearsal space. When Breakthrough Frequencies decided it was time to get serious, we were first and foremost looking for a spot that was flexible with our late night schedule.

The location had to be central to our band members, as well as affordable on the good old "struggling musician" budget. With The Studios at 55 we found those things, as well as a sense of community as we got to know the other bands practicing here. Pete is a great landlord, the studios are spacious, and now we can turn it up to 11 well past midnight any night of the week.

The buildings security is a huge thing, definitely our number one priority, and I feel like my equipment is always safe here. Also, the convenience of a loading dock, lots of parking and the cleanliness of the halls, rooms and bathrooms is a HUGE plus! Everyone seems to respect the rules, each other and help out if ever needed, it's a great little community for musicians.

When I was first looking for a studio I was mostly concerned with an environment where I could meet other musicians to collaborate with/make friends. Once we were in the studio for a while, all that started to happen but then I feel like I started to appreciate even more about the security I felt at this place, the amount of effort put into the rooms, the sense of community. Being able to load/unload in a loading dock is awesome.

The most important to me was security and safety of our equipment, which the keypad lock on the front door and the deadbolts in the studio doors def was a plus. I really liked that there was a garage bay to load in and out.

24 hour noise freedom, good electricity/heat, close proximity to 2 pizza houses and a convenience store, loading dock, communal jam space upstairs, secure key-less entry, secure spaces, safe....

Adequate space, noise level (fairly well insulated especially when were playing!), Easy access, security (unsure originally, but seems reasonably safe). All these have held up over time

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Our studios are rented on a monthly basis and range in price from $280 per month to $550 per month.

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